Regional Centre for Innovation and Technology Transfer Ltd (POL)

The RCITT, as an institution created by the regional authorities, is involved in many initiatives related to innovative regional development and strategies. The main domain of the RCITT activities are Renewable Energy Resources and in this activitiy the RCITT has the largest involving from the beginning.  The RCITT has created and leaded the consortium ‘Swietokrzyskie Biomass’, of which main result was to implement in the electro plant in regional capital city the production of energy and power in the cogeneration (co-burning the traditional and renewable energy sources) by the end of 2008. From 2010 the RCITT is a leader of the energy cluster, bringing together the institutions from two neighboring regions. The RCITT has been also involved (as a leader) in the creation of the Regional  Innovation Strategy RIS in 2008-9 and then the RCITT was involved in the phase of monitoring of implementation of the RIS. Apart from mentioned above experience in the regional strategy policy making,the RCITT has also large experience in the elaborating proposals and realisation many projects, funded by the European Union (funds: EFRR, EFS, Competitiveness and Innovation Programme, Framework Programme).

The projects have various range: regional, national and international. The RCITT usually undertakes the role of leader or coordinator and is responsible for whole matters related to achievement of planned results, financial discipline and settlement. The most important realized projects are: Innovation Relay Centres, Enterprise Europe Network, National Innovation System, Interregional Energy Cluster, many trainings projects etc. The RCITT’s personel is high educated and has an experience in the creation of the strategic documents and the knowledge about renewable energy problems, based on the longterm activity in this sector: the support of the enterprises and local authorities actively engaged in the development of the renewable energy using.

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