Province of Torino (I)

Province of Turin (PROVTO) has a longtime experience in elaborating energy balance sheet and a periodic Energy Report has been published since 1999. The last edition was officially delivered on Novembre 2012 with energy data (demand and supply ide as well) covering the period 1990 - 2011."

This activity is carried out by PROVTO as leader in Italy and other Provinces can hardly have the same amount of updated energy data. In the last few years some activities have been carried out in the elaboration of an Energy Startegy, too; examples are the set up of the “District Heating System (DHS) Plan for Torino Metropolitan Area” and 2. the “Guidelines for the promotion of RES” detailing technical criteria for the construction and use of RES power plant. Besides, by the beginning of 2010 PROVTO committed itself as supporting structure of the Covenant of Mayors Initiative in the elaboration and implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) for Municipalities.

Other fields of activity in which PROVTO has competence are the management of financial subsidies, technical assistance to Municipalities and information and Comunication. Several projects has been co-funded by Torino Province either to Municipalities and citizens in the last 5 years, focusing attention on Solar thermal installations, biomass boilers, condensing boilers, insulation of walls and ceilings, change of windows and overall retrofit of public buildings. A lot of public events (such as conferences, technical workshops and site visitis) has been organised by Torino Province, too in order to promote RES and RUE to citizens, civil servants, professionals, installers and plumbers. Informative brochures were also prepared and distributed to customers. Finally, since 2008, several informative points on Energy were managed by Torino Province.

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