Mazovia Energy Agency (POL)

MAE experts possess competences and all the necessary know how to perform technical analyses and feasibility studies concerning renewable energy sources. MAE employees possess long-term experience in the field of renewable energy sources implementation, international cooperation in the area of innovative energy technologies and sustainable development, participation in European Commission’s programs. MAE specialists elaborate energy audits, feasibility studies, and perform financial engineering services in investment undertakings.
All employees are familiar both with European legislation and with international standards in this field. MAE experts provide consultancy for Polish decision makers and try to participate in the legislative process.
The Agency will participate in creation of communication tools and corporate identity as well as communication and capitalisation strategy.

Promotional campaigns and dissemination activities will take place on local, regional, national and international level. MAE will formulate the baseline situations, generate typology of Mazovia and compare it to the other Polish regions. Due to location in the central region of Poland the Agency is able to assess and plan the interregional RES energy transfers. Also a map of existing and intended regional chains of supply and value as well as documentation and projection of intended mid-term investments in energy can be a valuable document created by the Agency. As a strategy partner the Agency will generate the Regional Energy “Balance Sheets”, discussing public the best option. As a result the Agency will develop with other partners an agreement, joint strategy, action plan, activities for identification and implementation of joint projects for regional energy roadmap 2020.

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