Italian-Slovak Chamber of Commerce (Slovakia)

CCIS provides assistance and advises enterprises, institutions, and accociations in their internationalization processes in the broadest sense. The CCIS acts as a platform to streamline, inform, and represent the interests of their members in order to add value to their business activities. CCIS has especially gained competences in communication, innovation, and training activities in certain economic sectors. The CCIS works closely with public authorities (Slovak Ministries, Regions, and municipalities), associations and institutions (SME, Energy, Innovation), as well as with specific interest groups. Acting as a partner and Lead Partner in various EU transnational and interregional projects, CCIS gained experiences in project implementation (delivering regional studies, organising training and workshops, etc.). CCIS has been active in the energy sector since many years, informing and assisting Italian investors into the energy sector in Slovakia among which ENEL.

CCIS has been active with projects in Renewable energies. 
As a result CCIS has joined the PVsinBloom project (financed under the IEE Programme), where CCIS is responsible for the Communication and Dissemination WorkPackage. CCIS closely works with organisations, experts and instititions on RES in Slovakia and abroad in order to be able to deliver high quality services. The approach of CCIS is always practical as the results will have to be useful for their members in the end.

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