FVG Region has a medium capacity respect the contents of the project  concept,  but counts on a good potential of energy mix, in particular biomass, photovoltaic and hydro that could be exploited together with the instruments of intervention.
We are NUTS 2 Region, so that territorial competence is of course widespread covering such space; we are, because of our geopolitical position, also involved in a cross border-multilateral debate in terms of RES utilization with the territories belonging to Austria, Slovenia and  Croatia, so we also can offer an added value and experience in implementing a multilevel  governance, especially  in the policy concerned. The partner has a central role in proposing, setting up and implementing policies for its own territory in the matters addressed by the selected project concept, coordinating the regional energy strategy (Regional Energy Plan) in cooperation with all the territorial institutions, actors and stakeholders.

It is worth recalling, especially as far as the valuation activity is concerned, that the applicant has a specific internal role also in terms of strategic evaluation of public policies and investments: it is in fact the Evaluation and  Verifing Unit for regional investments. Consequently it participates in the  different meetings of the regional Steering Committees of all the EU Programme participated by FVG Region as Managing Authority (ROP ERDF, ROP ESF, RDP, Italy-Slovenia crossborder Programme) in order to monitor the coherence between community, national and regional strategies. The applicant is involved in the evaluation of projects referring to different calls for proposals of Regional Operational Programme for Competitiveness and Employment in the measures dedicated to  RES and EE ( f.e. Measure 4. “Territorial sustainable development” which also finances geotermic energy plants ).

contact person: Silvia Stefanelli

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