European Center for Renewable Energy Güssing Ltd. (A)

The European Centre for Renewable Energy (German abbreviation EEE) is located in Güssing, a town with around 3,700 inhabitants in the province of Burgenland. Burgenland is the most eastern of the Austrian provinces and is still   despite catching up – the province which is economically least developed. Against this backdrop, Burgenland was defined as an objective-1 region in the mid 1990s. EEE is acting as network coordinator for national and international projects in the field of renewable energy.  EEE is focused on Demonstration plants, Research and Development, Services (esp. energy concepts), Further Education and EcoEnergy Tourism as well as on the dissemination of Know how. The EEE is instrumental for the particular strategy Güssing is exploiting. The centre is organized as an association and has around 60 members, such as local firms, private persons but also the Federal State of Burgenland.

The centre´s main aim is to contribute to regional development by developing “…lasting regional and community-based concepts for energy conservation and for the generation and use of renewable energy”. Against this backdrop, EEE manages the demonstration facilities (administration, access control, accounting) as a service to its users. It is also involved to a small extent in R&D projects. The participation in R&D projects is, however, for the most part limited to a management function. Actual research is carried out by dedicated research partners such as the Technical University of Vienna or the Technical University of Graz. Respective labs and offices have been established at the biomass plant and in newly established office buildings. It is also noteworthy that Güssing hosts a branch of the research centre ‘BioEnergy 2020+’, a centre funded by the national COMET programme and headquartered in Graz.

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