Environment Park SpA (I)

Environment Park thanks to its cooperation projects background and to its technical know how should give a contribution in the activities of the introduction of regional energy concepts project. In fact had a strong experience in RES with 12 years of experience in R&D, tech transfer and EU projects: we are specialised in environmental technologies and renewable energy sources. We are able to develop R&D in: research and development of energy from renewable sources technology, innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of energy production from biomass, improve biomass utilization efficiency, reduce costs connected with energy management and energy production, organic wastes valorisation, energy production from lignocelluloses materials. More generally our expertise are focused in energy efficiency and renewable energy production. So our technical facility and our know how could fit and bring added value to the proposal in terms of technical expertise innovative approach, relevance and “weight” of the consortium.

As concerning Work package number 4, in the legal as well as in the economical and logistical environments the Environment Park could carry out in-depth research, data collection and expert analysis and will work (together with his national contacts) on the national/regional reports.  In WP4, the Environment Park will investigate the technological and R&D frameworks and financial environments within the technical working group and prepare together with the other project partner, the national/regional reports. Otherwise Environment Park thanks to its strong connection with Regional local authorities could give its contribution in the dissemination activity of the WP2 with promotional campaigns at regional, local, national and international level, as a consequences of the connection with the decision makers and with the stakeholders already established in the framework of the others EU project in the sector of RES.

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