Introduction of
Regional Energy Concepts

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Regional Energy Concepts:

  • show the present situation as baseline inventory
  • show the potentials for the use of renewable energies end energy efficiency in the region
  • help to identify barriers for the future development
  • bring the chance to involve the stakeholders and the population in the process
  • include a strategy and an action plan ready to apply for the region
  • make the different regions comparable 
  • are a base to exchange knowledge between the regions

A Regional Energy Concept consists out of the following steps:

  • Assessment and Mapping of the energy demand in the pilot regions, including baseline data 
  • Assessment and Mapping of the energy supply in the pilot regions 
  • Assessment of the existing potentials for RES in each pilot region
  • Comparison of the baseline situations in each pilot region
  • Assessment of energy transfer potential
  • Elaboration of Regional Energy Balance Sheets for the pilot regions
  • Development path of the region
  • Joint strategy and energy action plan