Award Competition

Trnava region staged a competition for the best innovative project using renewable energy. Winner was SOŠ Senica (Secondary Vocational School in Senica) with its project “Efficient Energy Savings on the SOŠ Senica Premises – Remote controlled heating”.

The uniqueness of the project lay in the use of radio control for a wide range of heating installations and home automation elements on the premises. The ideal system setting ensures that no room is heated unless it is in use. The result is a perfectly regulated school building.

SOS Senica

SOŠ Senica project is one of the most innovative on the national and international scene.

IQCR system for remote heating control

IQCR system for remote heating control can be controlled locally, centrally via a PC or externally via GSM or the Internet according to current user‘s needs. Required temperatures set in a computer are transmitted into particular school classes and rooms via a remote control unit.