Results of Energy Analysis Savinjska

Common energy concept

The Savinjska region is located to the east of central Slovenia, bordering on Austria in the north and Croatia in the south. It has a long tradition of spas and health resorts. In recent years natural parks with ecotourism have become increasingly important. The most significant industry sector is the production of machines and appliances. With its lignite mine and nearby thermal power plant, the region is a key supplier for the Slovenian energy sector.

Solar energy has highest potential

Heat production by renewable energies

Although electricity is the most usually discussed energy carrier, it accounts for only 16 % of the total final energy demand. There is considerable room for improvement in electricity production, as renewables provide only 10 %, based on data from 2013. Solar energy has the highest potential, followed by hydro energy and bioenergy.
Wood is the main renewable energy source to cover heating demand. Of renewables, wood also has the greatest potential, followed by solar thermal energy and geothermal energy, which is the least exploited. However, the energy efficiency of buildings remains the main potential factor.

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