Award Competition

The innovation centre in Vransko was awarded the best marks. It is one of the key sites in RES development in the region. Its first and main activity was research on biomass combustion, followed by work on other renewables. It began with the biomass district heating system in 2005, when the foundation stone for the centre was also laid. The district heating system was one of the first in the country and was recently upgraded with a solar thermal system.

Micro CHP biomass system

Among the top projects was a private initiative from Lu?e, with a micro CHP biomass system. The company Biomasa was one of the pioneers in bioenergy, in both the region and the country. Meanwhile, it has grown further with its new biomass centre in Nazarje and extended the biomass cycle, using biomass fuel production (chips and pellets) for district heating with CHP and for drying wood chips.

Velenje School Center testing energy efficiency for buildings

The Velenje School Centre with its energy testing ground and energy management agenda in schools, is one of the most active in the field of energy efficiency for buildings in the public sector. It was the initiator of the energy management agenda in Slovenian schools and developed an online platform with a free application for energy management in schools. (