Award competition

The SAVE energy competition was set up in 2014 to reward public bodies, private companies and NGOs that have made innovations to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote RES and energy efficiency.
The proposals were assessed using 5 criteria:
impacts, innovation & monitoring, long term targets, participation, likelihood to be adopted by others. 15 applications were submitted. Two small municipalities, Forni di Sopra and Tavagnacco (Province of Udine) received the Award.

Forni di Sopra

Forni di Sopra, a small town, introduced an energy policy whose key elements are a local biomass supply chain based on wood residues, efficient biomass boilers and district heating networks. The municipality has introduced  many innovations - remote controlled LED systems, solar parks and solar thermals units - all in keeping with Green Procurement regulations. These will soon lead to energy self-sufficiency.


Tavagnacco introduced an exemplary energy policy in a commercially intensive area. It has carried out a comprehensive plan to improve energy efficiency, increase the RES share and implement sustainable transport plans, as well as measures to involve several target groups. Energy audits and Green Procurement are integrated within the regulations.

Three other candidates deserve a special mention: SBE Varvit substantially improved energy efficiency in industrial processes. SAF installed smart energy saving devices on buses and uses Airmap for drone-based energy monitoring. Finally Alture di Polazzo was awarded the “Golden Eagle” award for Ecotourism.