Award Competition

The Province of Torino Award Competition was aimed at rewarding the best energy renovation projects for municipal buildings. Nine municipalities presented innovations, energy- and CO2-savings, and the financial scheme. The Province recorded all these in a video and organized a roundtable to publicised the message: “Take up the challenge of sustainable energy and reduce your energy bill!” In the County Hall of the Province of Torino, all participating municipalities were awarded a certificate and three were selected as the most interesting.


In Avigliana a series of energy efficient innovations were implemented in public buildings, such as the insulation of walls and ceilings, the installation of photovoltaic panels and computerized remote control heating Systems.


During the last few years the municipality of Bruino made energy refurbishments in most of its public buildings, including thermal solar collectors, photovoltaic systems and remote controlled heating System.


The City Hall of Buttigliera Alta has been completely refurbished: insulation of walls and ceiling, photovoltaic panels, led lighting system, innovative heating management and a geothermal heat pump.