Borsod-Abauj-Zemplen County (Hungary)

The region in numbers

Number of residents: 684 793
Area size (km²): 7 247
Share of employed people (2012): 17.3 %
GDP in Mio. € (2012): 5 503

Energy demand:
Electricity consumption per capita: 895 kWh/a
(the lowest in Hungary)
Energy demand of BAZ county: 89.1 PJ/a
(13.2% of national demand)
National final energy consumption: 673 234 PJ/a

The main sources of renewable energy are biomass and geothermal energy. Approx. 6.3 % of the electricity used in BAZ County is produced by renewables.
The main sources of RES in BAZ county:
– 3 Wind turbines
– Several sewage gas and biomass plants
– 3 Hydro power plants
– 1 Geothermal heating system
– Domestic photovoltaic systems (not grid connected)

Heat from RES:
From a total production of 46 682 820 GJ of heat used in BAZ County, 6 287 GJ is produced by renewable sources, utilizing landfill gas and the Geothermal District Heating System in Miskolc and surrounding villages.


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