Results of Energy Analysis Allgäu

Common energy concept

Final energy share by energy carrier (2011)

The Allgäu region in the state of Bavaria is part of the Swabia administrative area. A tourist area, with about 3 million visitors annually, Allgäu is well known for dairy farming on the foothills of the Alps. In addition to tourism and agriculture, mechanical engineering, automotive components and packaging industries thrive. To meet the demands of the future and to establish the region as a leader in optimal energy use, a common energy concept was devised.

Within the concept, developed under the name “Energy Future Allgäu” (Energiezukunft Allgäu), the present status of supply was analysed and a path towards a future energy system was developed. The first step was to start a campaign for energy efficiency in industry and enterprises across the whole region.

Solar energy has highest potential

Electricity production by renewable emnrgies (2011)
Heat production by renewable energies (2011)

In 2011 the total energy demand of the region, including that of the transportation sector, was 22.1 TWh. Although electricity is the energy carrier most usually discussed, its share of the total final energy demand was only 18 %.

There is great potential to increase on the current 38 % from renewables, based on data from 2011. Solar energy has the highest potential, followed by wind energy.

To satisfy demand in the heat sector, the main renewable energy source (RES) is wood. There is some potential to increase heating production from renewables with solar thermal energy, biogas and near surface geothermal energy, but it is limited. By comparison, the potential benefit through energy efficiency and energy savings is much greater

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